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It’s time to look outside Switzerland to see where watches are made that can hold a candle to the many high-quality Swiss brands. The neighboring republic of Austria immediately comes to mind. Also because my roots are there. Let me start by saying that the story is quickly told, but not boring. On the contrary! There is watchmaking worthy of the name in Austria!


In my search for watch brands that come from Austria, Habring² is at the top of the list! Due to my interest in Independent Watchmaking Habring², I am certainly a little biased. The watch brand is run by Maria and Richard Habring. We haven’t met yet, so I can’t share more than my impression from afar. That should change soon, I think. Until then, here is the link to their website:
You have managed to be accepted into the GPHG circle and have won several prizes there! For example, the GPHG prize in the Sports Watch category in 2012, followed by the “Petite aguille” category in 2013 – the same year as Vianney Halter for his Deep Space Tourbillon.
This is a very good sign, because anyone who manages to develop their own caliber has arrived in the class of the best watchmakers. So, Austria is a watch country…! One watch brand is enough for us, just as one Arnold Schwarzenegger (funny thing about him connected to watches) is enough, a Billy Wilder, a Herminator, a Mozart and a … Voodoo Jürgens. 😉 (irony off)
The Harbings showed their first wristwatches in 2004, if I’m correct.

Karl Suchy

Founded in 1822, the Karl Suchy watch brand went through a hiatus in the middle of the 20th century. In 2016, a new start was made under the direction of watchmaker Eva-Maria Geiser. The brand combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design and has successfully established itself on the international market. Today, Karl Suchy stands for timeless elegance and precision in the world of watchmaking.

Not much comes after that:

There is still Jaques Lemans. Founded in 1975, the watch brand Jacques Lemans has established a presence in the watch industry. With a wide range of affordable models, Jacques Lemans appeals to a diverse convenience and consumer audience. As far as I can tell, their models are all quartz watches. Other uninspired shops selling things, that have nowthing in common with watchmaking do exist, that I am not mentioning here.

Conclusion – Yes, it’s just getting started!

To put it optimistically: the watchmakers’ guild in Austria has been picking up speed since the turn of the millennium. That’s a good sign!

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