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A few words about the blog and me.


hy the name Timetotems?
Wikipedia says: “Totem is a term from ethnology for symbols that express a mythical kinship connection between a person or group and a certain natural phenomenon.” As watches are my totems and passion at the same time… here you are 😉
For me, it really started when I wanted a classic Heuer Viceroy Autavia. Absolutely….! Here’s more about it: Heuer Autavia 3446 second execution.
There was just one problem, I had a certain budget available each year and didn’t want to go completely nuts and sell all I had for it. So I decided to go for:

    “Poor Man’s Vintage watches” – Why go for the expensive ones?

If you:
have a small budget
love Heuer vintage watches
there is a term I really like: “Poor Man’s Heuer” which surely some know. It refers to watches that Heuer made in the 60s and 70s plus years under a different name, or that have the same specifications as Heuers of that time. For poor men these watches are nowadays out of budget, because prices of more than thousand bucks up to five-digit amounts are not exactly something for the “poor man”.

Vintage is “IN” and we notice that in the prices. Unfortunately.

How does one start collecting? Do you inherit a collection? You inherit money and fulfill your dreams? You love watches and start with what you have?
In my 30s and 40s the Heuers were too expensive for me, so I started looking for other, so called “Poor Man’s Heuer” watches, because I liked them a lot. It happened that I started to collect inexpensive watches and I was caught by the virus. (you know wich one…;-))
Until today I am looking for watches that I like and that are affordable. I dedicate this blog to this topic. Because I know that we are very many who have big dreams and at some point set out on the path, with small steps.

About me

Florian Weixelbaumer - TimeTotems (Foto: Sebastian Spasic, @akusepp)

Florian Weixelbaumer – TimeTotems (Foto: Sebastian Spasic, @akusepp)

Florian Weixelbaumer is my name and I am an Austrian living in Germany.
I started the blog out of pure passion. Out of suffering and joy, about collecting watches. I am a watch from childhood, about this I wrote a little in the article “Why watches blow me away”.
I write about vintage watches, my collection, give a few tips for beginners who are surely out there and who have caught the watch virus.  And report about trips to Baselworld or meetings with some independent watchmakers of today.
More topics will be added in the future as time permits. But more about that when things are ready to talk. Just that much: I want to gather like-minded people and offer them a place where they can laugh, where they can get help and other things I can’t foresee yet.



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