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Florian Weixelbaumer

Behind the scenes of watchmaking

GPHG 2023 – summarized winners list

Aiguille d’Or – Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Universelle RD #4 The Aiguille d’Or, the most coveted prize in the watchmaking world, goes this year to Audemars Piguet for its Code 11.59 Ultra-Complication Universelle RD #4, a true triumph for Audemars Piguet! This model not only pays tribute to AP’s heritage of high-end complications, but also showcases their exceptional engineering and...

Behind the scenes of watchmaking

When passion becomes creation

Watches are passion. I have described here the background, how it comes (for me) that watches inspire me and why I started this blog. It is my passion. For quite a time, I’ve been less concerned with the blog, due to athing that locked us all down. Bit I still was concerned with watches. More than three years ago now,...

Behind the scenes of watchmaking

Bronze watch patina

Strom Watch

Bronze watch patina – love it, leave it or nothing else The term or phrase bronze watch patina removal is the most searched phrase on the largest internet search engine related to “bronze watch”. Bronze is an alloy and consists of copper and tin. Depending on the composition, there are 6 to 8% tin. Other metals are added, depending on...

Behind the scenes of watchmaking

Munichtime. The watch fair in Munich.

Watch fairs tend to be based in Switzerland. Wait a minute… If you look for watch events, you will find three in Munich. Anyway, there are three big events. Firstly, there is the Uhren Technik Börse in Munich Unterschleißheim, which is an exchange for trading watches and dealers. The Inhorgenta is a real trade fair that is more aimed at...