As a watch fan and newbie blogger, you have to hang around at some trade fairs and industry events.
So I went to the Uhren Technik Börse in Munich/Unterschleissheim for the first time, the Euro Watch Fair. Or Uhren Technik Börse, or Euro Watch Fair. As I said, my first time. With that in mind, here’s my experience report on what the First Visit to the Watch Fair in Munich can be like.

Euro Watch Fair, Munich: The first attempt

Fully motivated and due to a lack of information on the organiser’s website, I arrived at the organiser’s hotel on Saturday, where my zest for action was abruptly stopped just outside the hall. STOP!! Where are you going?
A really good question for someone standing between me and 10,000 watches. I love rhetorical questions like cats love water. In this case I answer truthfully “To the Uhren Technik Börse München”. It is explained succinctly that only dealers are allowed in on Saturdays. In that case, I can recommend the Schleissheimer Schloss and the Flugwerft in Unterschleissheim. There is a lot of technology to marvel at, from Otto Lilienhtal to an esa Europa rocket.

Mia san mia

After we were abruptly stopped, the first thing I suggested was to go up to the seventh floor of the hotel to enjoy a coffee with a view of the Alps. The lift goes straight to the top without stopping, the door opens and a rotund gentleman accompanied by a very slim man stand in front of us in suits. Parallels with people from the black and white film era cannot be denied.
The round man with the button in his ear says in his original voice: “Here, nothing!” and shakes his arms. Another roadblock…
I inform him that we speak German, to which he proudly replies that the entire floor “belongs” to Bayern Munich – for the day, that is. Their smiles and pride don’t evoke anything emotionally positive or uplifting in me, but I get it: Mia san Mia is an attitude to life. The Flugwerft is waiting and welcomes us with open gates, planes, instruments and smells of engines, oil, rubber. Wonderful! And, by the way, aeronautics and watches belong together. Not only because of the great instruments.


Sunday: the Uhren Technik Börse München is only open to “normal” visitors on this day.

The outdoor area offers everything about watches

The day for private visitors. No hurry, no money with me, for fear of falling into a buying frenzy 😉 Admission 10,- Euro. In the entrance it starts slowly, with watch parts like spring bars, bracelets, tools and kits. There is a kind of Rolex Submariner kit in plastic on cardboard, like from a Yps magazine. You can assemble everything yourself. Inside: case, bracelet, glass, dial. There’s a brand name on the dial. Something French. “Jaques De la Chose”, or something similar. Only the movement is missing. As a joke I say: You put a quartz movement in there and that’s it, but the owner of the stand has heard this and immediately jumps into the sales line: “NO! That’s a “Fredrique de Schnick Schnack”, you put an ETA 7750 in it! And then the watch costs easily over 1,000 euros. Jahhaa!” Mia san Mia…

I can’t understand that and continue to rummage around the bourse until I discover the main hall!

The dealers’ hall – watches as far as the eye can see!

Wow! A lot of people and I am overwhelmed by the first impression when I enter the hall. First thought: “How do we get order in here?”
Tactics: Go through every aisle like PacMan and collect everything. The first round goes all the way around the outside. In my opinion, this is where the exciting traders are. But maybe that’s subjective and because it’s my first time there.
In the back right corner is the most exciting and rarest. Here we discover a wonderful F.P. Journe, which has to eke out a living in the showcase. For the first time I see a Jenny Carribean and its iridescent dial. I wanted to take it right away, without bargaining or any semblance of rationality.
You can find really great pocket watches, somehow these are the dinosaurs of watches. Hardly anyone wants them, that’s my feeling. We see three great rose gold pocket watches in a package. Hour repeaters and wonderful movements. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of these, because of the many impressions that are piled up on the visitor. I got really dizzy after half an hour.

It’s the sheer mass of watches that knocks you over.

Since this and I are mainly about vintage watches, my highlights are the pocket watches, and some small jewels, like Enicars, Jennys or Heuer Autavias or Heuer Bundeswehr, as well as Calculator. What stands out is the sheer mass of Rolex watches. If you are looking for a Rolex, you will more than find it here. Also remarkable is the internationality of the dealers. I haven’t done a survey, but I think that every European country is represented, plus Russia and Israel.

A Tip For the little man who likes old watches, however, this is a temptation. You will meet professional sellers and you should feel your way around. The great thing about THIS watch fair is that it takes place at very regular intervals. Info, actually only for exhibitors: and
Here you can find the dates. The rest is said. 10,- Euro entrance fee and for watch fetish friends on Sunday. Parking is available directly opposite. So it’s also very practical from that point of view.

My conclusion:

1. I will go there a few more times and hopefully bag a few pieces soon.
2. there are many more Rolex watches than I thought.
3. the presentation of many of these watches, as if on a rummage table, I personally found a bit disconcerting. Unfortunately, the impression of Rolex exclusivity was completely destroyed on this day.



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