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Ich schreibe gern, anders und über Uhren.

Vintage Uhren

Buying used watches from ebay – 10 essential rules

Vorsicht vor Fakes - Uhren kaufen bei ebay

Buying used Ebay watches can be fun. With these 10 rules. If you want to buy used watches on ebay, you can do so with confidence. The selection is huge. In the following I give 10 rules to help you recognize the dangers of buying used ebay watches. The goal of this article is to help watch fans to get...


Tourbillion. Useless gadget or not?

Thomas Prescher Triple Axis Tourbillion

What is a tourbillon? The tourbillon is a mechanism inside a watch that is designed to improve the accuracy of a watch. To understand what this part does, you need to briefly explain the balance wheel. It’s certainly more familiar than a tourbillon. The balance wheel Before the tourbillon can be explained, it is the turn of the balance wheel....


A visit to the furniturist Maurizio Zannol.

Maurizio Stannol

Furnitures are spare parts for clocks. Furnishings, that’s what you think of when you think of furniture. Learned something again. The word comes from the French “furniture” and means delivery. Since that has been clarified and I like to tell stories in pictures, let’s just start with that. Freely according to the motto: One bottle of watches please! An institution...

Independent Watchmaker

Baselworld and AHCI

The Academie Horlogere de Createurs Independants (AHCI) is my highlight at Baselworld, always. “My” Baselworld this year was actually like last year, lots of time at the AHCI, the Academie Horlogere de Createurs Independants. A great meeting, getting to know each other and being amazed. I spent virtually the entire Sunday at a single stand, that of the AHCI. With...

Große Marken

New Oris watches at Baselworld 2019

Here are my Oris novelties from Baselworld 2019. I’d like to take a quick look at the new models from Oris. Why? Some Facebook contacts have expressed wishes as to what I should look at. Oris has not been my cup of tea so far, however: I think Oris has shown some nice new models at Baselworld 2019. Oris Divers...


Schools remove analogue clocks from exam rooms.

Lion Fleischmann Bild

Schools are removing analogue clocks from exam rooms because teenagers cannot tell the time, a representative of the UK teachers’ union has said. Teachers are now installing digital clocks after students complained in their GCSE and A-level exams that they had difficulty reading the correct time on an analogue clock. Malcolm Trobe, deputy general secretary of the Association of School...

Große Marken

The history of the Omega speedmaster “moonwatch”

Omega Speedmaster parts

The Omega Speedmaster has two siblings After the worthwhile visit to the Omega Museum, I have now been able to gather a little visual material and knowledge on the subject. To start with, I was amazed to discover that the Speedmaster and Seamaster still have a travelling relative, the Railmaster. So Omega has created a triumvirate of masters, although the...

Große Marken

Omega watches are known all over the world. Why is that? A visit to the Omega Museum in Biel is well worth it!

Biel is located in Switzerland and is (a) stronghold of the watch industry. Biel is, without checking, economically the largest location for the industry. Rolex and Omega are here and many other companies. That interests me more. What do you do in Biel as a watch fan? I love going to Maurizio’s, he has a great shop for watch parts....